Water2050 have consulted, provided training and undertaken research with Bre and have co-authored several Bre trust publications.

Water2050 are Venturi Associates. this enables us to act on behalf of Venturi. If your product is innovative and is environmental beneficial, then we would love to hear from you.

Also, if you have a great idea for research focused on the water sector then we might be able to work together to turn your idea into reality.

13 years ago Steve Brown (Water2050 Director) worked alongside a small group of experts providing technical input to the very early versions of BREEAM technical guidance.

Today BREEAM is the most widely used environmental assessment methodology in the world.

We offer support and guidance for the water section of all BREEAM schemes

Water2050 also work with

Water2050 have provided desk top reviews for Arup and helped write various research proposals.

Water2050 have provided consultancy for South East Water as part of their PR19 Business plan

Water2050 have provided research for WRc and have also partnered with them alongside other water experts and consultants

Water2050 have worked with Thames Water on water efficiency in buildings using AMR metering.


“Steve and I worked together on a range of build environment consultancy projects and several large scale government funding schemes designed to increase rollout and quality of renewable generation installations within the UK. Scheme budgets ranged from c£10m for CERT and CESP to c£131m for the LCBP Phase 2.

I enjoyed working with Steve as he is a diligent and reliable engineer and a colleague I could trust to manage projects and the delivery of work packages. He regularly offered well thought out options to deliver work and opinions during workplace discussions. He has a calm approach and is unphased by challenging environments. I remember that he was particularly good at discussing requirements, updates and outcomes with difficult clients. From a workplace perspective he is a solid performer.

His passion and knowledge about sustainable water use sets him apart from many other consultants I have worked with. I welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

Andrew Walker
AMR Manager – Community Energy E-on

“I’ve worked with Steve on a number of projects, he has a diversity of knowledge and skills, which he combines diligently to complete projects across a range of topics and with a breadth of partners. He is capable, adaptable and will always see things through to a satisfactory end, no matter what!”

Dr Sarah Ward: Associate Professor in Environmental Hazards & Community Resilience UWE Bristol

“Steve provided data analysis and dissemination related to customers in vulnerable situations as part of our PR19 business plan submission. The task was complex and required understanding the various input data that provided deprivation data. He was then able to relate this large and complex data-set to geographic locations in our customer catchment areas, and present South East Water with the data to enable us to help support customers in vulnerable situations. The project output was included in our formal business plan submission to OFWAT. I highly recommend Steve at Water2050.”

Andy Clowes: Head of Customer Insight and Strategy at South East Water.

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